Anonymous Sami

Anonymous “Sami”
34 Years Old, HR Specialist
Weight Change – 152 lbs to 132 lbs

Age is that one variable that is either disregarded during Nutrition/Workout planning or hyped up but for all the wrong reasons. Yes it is true that our metabolism does slow down as we grow older but ONLY up to a certain degree.

Sami is probably my oldest client as of posting time and while most of his peers within his age group had succumbed to the idea that their body is already a lost cause and that their best years are far behind them, Sami is busy preparing for his meals and if not at home nor at the office, he could be seen working out in UP Diliman. It didn’t really shock me when Sami informed me of his 20 lbs total weight loss in a span of 2 months. His consistency and eagerness to be fitter week per week had already imprinted an impression that this guy is destined to succeed.

Just a trivia regarding his 2 month fitness journey :
– He doesn’t have a gym membership
– He drinks beer/hard drinks
– In the middle of our first month’s engagement, he went to Laboracay and was able to follow through.
– He’s an HR Specialist in a multinational IT company which is known for its stressful environment

YES, I allow my clients to drink but only up to a certain amount per month. Despite all of these, he was able to pull off this transformation. We are currently in the process of body re-composition hence he recently enrolled in a gym. I hope Sami gets to inspire you guys that if a 34 year old non-athlete can pull this off with ease, then the rest of you can easily do it too.

The best has yet to come for Sami. Trust the process but more importantly, trust yourself.

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