Anonymous Sen

Anonymous Sen
31 Years Old, Confidential
Weight Change – 138.6 lbs to 125.8 lbs

Whenever someone with PCOS would inquire, we would always feel like they’re at the end of the rope in terms of their hope in overcoming the negative effects of it, specifically that of bloating and weight loss. While it is true that the nutritional approach for PCOS is different from regular clients, it doesn’t necessarily make it “difficult”. All you need is the right guidance and the proper computations to make it work and Sen’s 2 months worth of transformation is a solid proof of that!

Despite coming across our program in the most unusual way, which was through a random post in reddit, her transformation is nothing unusual. To state a fact, Sen joins the multitude of other female clients we’ve successfully transformed despite having PCOS. 2 months into the program and you could clearly see the huge difference in terms of her visuals! Her overall bloating was clearly reduced, curves are much more visible and her love handles and muffins are almost non-existent!

This is one of our favorite transformations so far for 2020 in the sense that it highlights the strengths of our program all in one feature. International Client, PCOS, Reddit. This highlights the fact that online coaching, when done correctly can bring about way better results than physical coaching as proof of our 290+ client transformations to date!

To whoever may have posted or commented about us on Reddit, we just want you to know that you basically helped improved a person’s quality of life. For that, you have our utmost gratitude! Thank you for the love and the trust!

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