Anonymous Sunny
Weight Change 137.8 lbs to 123.4 lbs

There’s something authentic about sharing unfinished progress. It makes the journey relatable and real for the simple fact that it is.

Here on my page, I ensure that all the transformation photos you see are as legitimate as it gets. Enough with the 50 lbs weight loss in a month’s time with matching ripped/shredded photos. I’ve had enough consultations with clients to know how misleading these goals are to the average person. Enough with the “take this supplement, instant bikini body” type of advertisements. Shame on these companies for trying to make money out of the uneducated.

I’d like to share with you a humble month’s worth of progress from one of my female clients who wished to remain anonymous for now. “Sunny” actually lost 14.4 lbs in a span of a little over a month. Her midsection clearly smaller than the before photo, arms are much fitter and I’d like to point out that her face clearly improved especially the jaw and cheeks area. Unfortunately the image is censored for now to protect her identity.

Sunny is a musician by heart and it helps that she’s also keen on dancing during her free time. However, despite having a full nutrition and workout plan, she chose to religiously follow the former. Her workout schedules are inconsistent to say the least. But she is a great example that more than the workout, it is the nutrition that does more of the work.

We still have a long way to go, body re-composition is due once we get to shave off another 5-10 lbs.


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