Anonymous Vel

Anonymous Vel
27 Years Old, Confidential
Weight Change – 129.1 lbs to 121.2 lbs

There’s a huge sense of satisfaction whenever you’re able to change a person’s mindset especially a person who thinks working out is all there is in terms of losing weight. Vel here has been health conscious for the longest time since 2015 and she tried it all from diet delivery services to working out everyday and for a while it did work for her in the sense that she was able to keep her weight steady until 2018 came and all of a sudden it just didn’t.

Just to correct this particular mindset, working out everyday will actually work against you as this will surely raise cortisol levels which would then encourage your body to store more fat. We always tell clients that if they wish to workout, make sure to keep it at 3x a week at the most and that is of course to balance things out and to allow ample time for their bodies to recover.

So why did it “worked” then and then stopped working in 2018? Well chances are, it didn’t work in the first place. When we interviewed Vel, she did disclose that she felt like she was being punished for whatever she was eating back then and that goes to show that she wasn’t really eating right. Her meals are few and she wasn’t eating big meals at all which reinforces the idea that she’s basically crash dieting. This also explains as to why her body now is way leaner than how her previous body was while she was doing her previous methods. Crash dieting may bring about a drop in the weight but this would mostly be water weight and worse case is that she gets to lose her hard earned muscle mass which would then weaken her metabolism. Water weight loss too wouldn’t translate much in terms of visual changes and for the most part, people who crash diet would tend to look sick.

All in all, during her 2 months of engagement with our program, she managed to lose a healthy 7.9 lbs in total but more than the weight itself, it’s really her visuals which strike us the most. The way her bloating is reduced as seen from her side profile! Her arms are more defined too as with the silhouette of her abs which can be seen from her front view photos. This level of precision can only be brought about by proper nutritional computation. We didn’t even require her to workout though she does spinning 2-3x a week.

In our years of operation, we’ve heard all sorts of fad methods with the promise of a “fast” way to be fit. If you’re tired of all the fitness nonsense then look no further! For a NO BS, honest guidance with realistic results, please do visit https://thearchitect.ph for more info! We have over 280+ client transformation stories posted to date!

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