Anonymous Violet

Anonymous Violet
25 Years Old, Business Development Manager
Weight Change – 150 lbs to 134 lbs

What do you get when you work for one of the top food apps in the country, add weekly dates and top it off with a metabolic disorder? Gains bruh!… Well, not the good kind of gains. That’s exactly what Katrina experienced for the longest time. She tried several other remedies to try and help her lose weight. She tried switching to healthier choices, didn’t work. She tried doing crossfit, well it didn’t work too(No offense to my crossfit friends, but nutrition is the one to blame here). Lastly, she tried one of those cute online healthy food delivery services, and IT. DIDN’T. WORK.

I’m not going to expound more on what we did right, because honestly? I just taught her the basics. What I’ll be discussing are what most people like Violet do to try and remedy their weight gain and as to why they fail.

Healthier Choices – Swapped out your steak for a bowl of salad, how wrong could that go? The problem with this is that you’re basically swapping out your protein source for a carbohydrate source which does different things for your body. If you want to swap out meat, swap it out with fish, chicken, etc. If you want to swap out rice? You swap that out with a salad. We do not just count calories, we establish proper macronutrient ratios too. Carbs, Fats and Proteins have an equal role to play in our body.

Crossfit/Gyms/Whatever Training Philosophy – When you talk about weight loss, the uninitiated would always ask you if you’re hitting the gym. This mindset is actually what led to most failures in people’s quest to be slimmer. You’re basically focusing on the WRONG solution to a problem. Sure, working out will increase your metabolic rate and it will help, but it functions more as a polisher rather than the main contributor for fat loss.

Online Healthy Food Delivery Services – Most online healthy food delivery services would focus mainly on the calories without much care in the world on your macronutrient ratios. 1200, 1500, 1800 cals, but a bunch of those calories would come from carbohydrates. Why you might ask? Because it’s business. If you are to place yourself in their shoes, would you really increase on the protein percentage of the nutrition plan given that healthy proteins and fats are more expensive than carbohydrates? No you wouldn’t. Don’t get me wrong though, there are still reputable healthy food delivery services out there but don’t expect their prices to be cheap.

Violet might have a ton of things working against her(Metabolic Disorder, Food Temptations from Work), but she pushed herself hard, day in day out. We’ve been working for 4 months now and I have nothing but awe and admiration for this woman. May you inspire more people Violet, keep it up!

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