Anonymous Yara

Anonymous “Yara”
24 Years Old, Engineer
Weight Change – 140.8 lbs to 122.1 lbs

The thing about improvement is that if you’re used to it, then it becomes the norm for you. I believe the constant improvements/positive results of my clients have influenced me to raise my standards. Which is mostly a good thing, depending on how you look at it.

My approach to Yara here is no different than the previous clients, but what differentiates her from the previous ones is that by now(approximately 6 months since I started The Architect), my standards have doubled or even tripled to the point that I had to constantly push her despite weekly improvements. The end result that you see here was achieved in a span of 1 month. Something which is difficult to accomplish for women since you have to take into consideration their time of the month, the hormonal changes and their cravings during that period. Yara was above it all as shown in her transformation.

Sure, the transformation may not be super fit and all, but what do you expect in a month’s time? Do you really expect a few months worth of eating right and working out to fix years of neglect? One thing is for certain, Yara’s transformation will only be possible with the right mindset and the right guidance. Can you imagine achieving this in 1 month?

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