Balot Del Rosario

Balot Del Rosario
36 Years Old, Life Coach
Weight Change – 105.4 lbs to 100.4 lbs

If you think dealing with PCOS is tough, wait until you get to combine it APAS(Antiphospholipid Syndrome). It’s definitely not an easy condition to overcome both physically and mentally, but with enough mental positivity, it certainly is possible. Enter Balot Del Rosario.

Getting pregnant with PCOS is difficult enough but to do so with a Reproductive Immunity Disorder? That in itself is a miracle! Do imagine conceiving two beautiful angels despite all of this! It is no wonder that being able to overcome such hardships, dieting should be fairly easy in contrast to what she’s been through especially since dieting is mostly mental! The only issue left would be proper guidance.

She’s done it all from Keto to IF, none of which was able to give her the results she wanted and we’re not even surprised by this but let us save that discussion for another day. What she failed to achieve in years, we were able to do so in a month and all it took was an introduction to PROPER nutrition!

Her visuals show an extensive improvement in her front profile as clearly seen from the reduction of her bloating and from the improved curves from her love handles leaning up! Her side profile shows the improvement in terms of overall thickness too! More than the aesthetic aspect, hunger was never an issue as well as energy levels and despite not being 100% compliant, she’s still able to make the most out of it!

We’d love to tell you more about it but we know for certain that our words are nothing compared to Balot’s own account of her journey and as such we highly recommend that you get to visit her blog and read up about her story : https://www.callmebalot.com/lose-pregnancy-weight/ she has quite a lot of articles related to pregnancy, miscarriages, battling with APAS and mommy stuff! If you need a bit of inspiration to brighten up your day, then you might benefit from this.

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