Beatrice Mae Chua

Beatrice Mae Chua
26 Years Old, Confidential
Weight Change – 100.4 lbs to 94.4 lbs

3 months and 6 lbs of weight loss might not mean much for a lot of people but for someone who’s already within her healthy weight range, this would usually translate to a substantial improvement in terms of their body fat percentage and that is precisely what happened to Bea!

She didn’t take chances in preparing for her wedding day next year as she started this journey as early as March and she took a leap of faith in our team! The result of that are the very photos you’re looking at. Her midsection bloating has significantly been reduced to the point that her love handles have flattened which then enhanced her curves! Her side profile shows a tremendous improvement in terms of overall thickness as well. All these changes were achieved from nutrition alone!

If you’re still trying to DIY your own fitness journey with minimal to zero results then perhaps it’s high time that you get to consult with the right professionals.

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