After years of doing various methods of crash dieting such as but not limited to Keto and IF, Maricar’s weight never went below 118 lbs. It frustrated her so much that she even included circuit training to try and break through her weight range then but all to no avail.

To be fair, Maricar’s figure isn’t as bad as she thinks, but with her wedding coming up during that period, that became her biggest motivator to finally break through her said plateau by seeking professional help. The result of that leap of faith? An amazing 2 inches of reduction from her weight on top of breaking through years worth of weight plateau down to 112.5 lbs! Just look at how her waist tightened, all those small muffin around her garter are now non-existent. The best part is that not a single workout was done during this period! This all happened because of her transition to proper nutrition alone!

For the uninitiated, they might think that the final bit of weight is easy but the opposite holds true. It’s easier to lose 10-20 lbs than to drop that last bit of weight needed to get you in your leanest state, but nothing is impossible nor is anything too difficult when you get to employ the right methods coupled with the right guidance.

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