Ces Dimalanta

Ces Dimalanta
24 years Old, Social Content Manager/Blogger
Weight Change – 103 lbs to 108 lbs

PCOS, these 4 letters are dreaded by most women as this would usually entail uncontrolled weight gain and difficulty in terms of fixing the said issue. In Ces’ case however, she had difficulty in gaining weight and aside from this, her body fat percentage is continuously on the rise. Add her irregular work hours and what you get is a recipe for disaster.

We did what we could to address Ces’ body fat percentage issue first and once we managed to keep it in order, we started to bulk her up the right way. The results are quite evident from the photos below, not only did she GAIN 5 lbs but her body is visibly leaner from both front and side view photos. You can clearly see the shape of her midsection slowly forming(front view photo) and her tummy visibly flattened(side view photo). Ces also did very minimal workout during her time with us due to her work schedule as well as her part time event coverage as a blogger. While the visual changes are very much self explanatory, Ces shared to us as to her improved energy levels and improved endurance and these are all important especially as she’s working in a fast paced environment.

So if we’re to recap everything she was able to accomplish from a coaching perspective :
– Able to beat the odds against PCOS and gain weight
– Become leaner despite the 5 lbs weight gain
– Improved energy levels
– Improved endurance

And the best part is that we were able to accomplish all of this with MINIMAL to almost ZERO workout.

We mostly get clients who want to lose weight and we do believe that we do a good job when it comes to that. Because of this, people tend to forget that our forte is in lean mass gain and strength. We do hope that her strong willed nature and equally amazing transformation will motivate a lot of you guys to kickstart your own fitness journeys!

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