Charles Kenrick Chua

Charles Kenrick Chua
32 Years Old, Confidential
Weight Change – 187 lbs to 161.8 lbs

What initially started as a way for Charles and his Fiance(now wife) to be fit on their wedding day, became a full on obsession in his quest to better his overall health and fitness!

While it took Charles 7 months to reach his current fitness level, the drastic change in his visuals is undeniable! His front view shows how much his midsection leaned up as seen from the improvement on his love handles! His side profile shows the huge extent of his weight loss journey and losing an easy 2-3 sizes down in terms of his waist size! This level of transformation is only achievable from precise nutritional computation which we pride ourselves with!

If you’re fed up trying to DIY your own fitness journey with minimal to almost no results, then perhaps it’s high time for you to consider consulting with the right professionals.

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