Christian Flores

Christian Flores
26 Years Old, IT Professional
Weight Change – 192 lbs to 176 lbs

Today’s transformation story is all about determination and follow through. While we have indicated that Christian’s start date is November 2019, he actually tried our services last January 2018, though during this one month stint, he decided that he wasn’t really ready to tackle on the challenge hence his results were lackluster to say the least.

Fast forward to November of last year, he finally had enough of his unhealthy lifestyle. It was seeing himself in the mirror every single day that got him to realize that enough is enough. It still amazes us to this day that he decided to re-enroll himself back into our services despite years of being inactive and this time around, we’re very happy that he did!

In just slightly over 2 months, he managed to lose 16 lbs and counting! More than the weight itself, it was his visual changes which strike us the most. What used to be his bulging tummy is now replaced with what appears to be a silhouette of his abdominals! Overall energy and mood has drastically improved and his clothes fit so much better. Overall self-confidence has improved as a result!

What most people don’t realize is that without compliance, a plan is simply a plan and nothing more. While all of us would like to be fit and get fit, wanting something is different from actually doing it. Most people tend to forget that effort must still be exhausted for results to happen and with Christian’s case? He’s not even 100% compliant despite his changes!

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