If you’re like Marie and is currently suffering from PCOS, you would know just how difficult it is to deal with and as such, we don’t blame her for resorting to crash dieting methods prior to her enrollment in our services. She shared that at one point, she was only eating 3 bananas and 3 glasses of milk a day in an effort to lose weight and while this crash dieting method got her down to 112.2 lbs, her skin became loose, most likely from losing muscle mass through this process. Despite the weight loss, her period didn’t arrive for an entire 9 months, that was until she started our program.

When we worked with Marie, we knew it was an uphill battle in trying to change her eating habits as she got used to the wrong way of doing things for a while. However, with a bit of effort, persistence and guidance, we were able to correct and convert these habits into the right ones and the result of that is a beautiful hour glass silhouette despite Marie gaining 2.5 lbs from her starting point! The best part is that after 9 months of not getting her period, she finally got it for 2 consecutive months! These amazing results were all from a nutritional change alone, not a single workout was done to achieve this!

PCOS might be a formidable foe but this is only true if you don’t know what you’re doing. For a NO BS, honest guidance with realistic results, please do visit https://thearchitect.ph for more info!

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