Cyra Chan

Cyra Chan
27 Years Old, Senior Brand Associate/Graphic Artist
Weight Change – 142 lbs to 127 lbs

Our main feature for the day is none other than Cyra, who managed to lose 15 lbs in a span of 2 months! Now, Cyra isn’t exactly the most compliant client, but her rate of compliance is not bad either.

But you know the best part about this transformation is that Cyra has hypothyroidism, and incase you’re not aware, this would make it so much more difficult to lose weight. You could workout all you want but with with the wrong nutrition, you could risk gaining an unprecedented amount of weight.

Cyra definitely made it look easy! All in all we didn’t really kept tab on her scale movement as we’re more focused in monitoring her visuals. Month after month she managed to make her waist leaner! Her transformation photos are a testament as to how much she managed to lean up. The most evident change in both her front and side view comparison would be the reduction in her bloating, may it be in her midsection or her arms.

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