Diether Marcelo

Diether Marcelo
19 Years Old, Confidential
Weight Change – 119.9 lbs to 122.4 lbs

It’s not everyday that we receive clients who wish to gain weight and as such most people think that we’re limited to just weight loss programs which couldn’t be further from the truth as we have featured weight gain transformations throughout our 4+ years of operation.

What’s interesting about Diether’s transformation isn’t limited to the fact that gained weight but mostly with how we managed to minimize his bloating while doing so! You can clearly see the improvements in his definition from both front and side profiles and the improvements too in terms of his overall aesthetics! What’s noteworthy too is that prior to Diether’s enrollment, he’s always sickly despite being active in terms of working out. This was the time their family decided that he needed help with his nutrition and after just a month with our team, he’s pretty much healthy overall and energetic!

Most people downplay the role of nutrition in favor of being active which is a huge blunder as nutrition dictates overall progress, regardless if you’re aiming to gain weight or to lose weight. Working out is merely a bonus and nothing more.

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