Donnie Medina

Donnie Medina
33 Years Old, Government Employee
Weight Change – 290.4 lbs to 275 lbs

Donnie here is one of the original organizers of XM(Xtreme Memories) and one of the key members of Project Waifu. Both which are quite popular within our country’s own cosplay community. It is a pleasure working with one of the few TRUE hardworking guys who are dedicated to their craft. It comes as no surprise that Donnie was able to shed off 15.4 lbs in a span of a month and we’re talking about QUALITY weight loss here(you can confirm it yourself by looking at the transformation photo).

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, you CANNOT site induce fat loss unless you’re doing liposuction. Some people may lose fat first on their arms, some on their face and there are the more fortunate ones like Donnie who would lose it first on their belly. Ultimately, you just need to keep going at it and the fat loss will spread all throughout your body.

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