Edmar Chua

Edmar Chua
38 Years Old, Confidential
Weight Change – 202.6 lbs to 171.6 lbs

7 years. From 2013 to 2020, Edmar searched far and wide for the perfect weight loss program that could fit his schedule and lifestyle and while he was able to try dozens, none were able to allow him to consistently lose weight and keep the progress. Eventually, this 7 year endeavor proved to be a waste as his body eventually gained all the weight back and this time even heavier than his starting weight.

This all changed this 2021, when Edmar’s wife convinced him to try us out and 4 months after doing so? Not an ounce of disappointment was felt from both Edmar’s end and ours. His midsection bloat is GONE. His tummy has pretty much retracted and he’s in his leanest state in years! The best part of this transformation is that it was primarily done with just a change in his diet. He’s not starved, he’s not deprived. He just became precise about everything else and his visuals are a result of that.

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