Gian Tadeo

Gian Tadeo
17 Years Old, Student
Weight Change – 272.9 lbs to 214 lbs

We don’t usually accept minors but we made an exception for Gian because he’s way too big for his height and age and it has been affecting him socially and as a result, psychologically as well. He tried a variety of methods, he focused on working out, he did IF all but to no avail. It was at this point that he was introduced to our program by his father’s friend.

We’ve been working together for a few months now and so far the results have been amazing to say the least! He managed to shed off 58.9 lbs in total but more importantly, he was never deprived of food, hunger was nowhere to be found, his midsection improved drastically as well as per his side profile and his energy was never lacking! He started to be more social yet again and the best part is that we were contacted by some of his peers who also got inspired from his ongoing transformation!

Just like a lot of our clients back when they started, they were mostly skeptical due to the number of meals needed to be eaten daily, but as we always remind them, the secret was never in eating less. It’s in eating right and that means the right amount, from the right sources, at the right time. Their results basically turned them into believers! You can never go wrong with results!

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