Grace Melad

Grace Melad
37 Years Old, BPO Employee
Weight Change – 105.8 lbs to 100.9 lbs

When we talk about leaning up, a lot of people would often exaggerate on the effort causing a DRASTIC weight change which then would make them look anorexic or sick. Grace’s only goal was to lean up in a way that’s sustainable and one that wouldn’t make her weak nor sickly and despite her initial efforts in her previous diets which would include the likes of keto, IF and a bunch of other endeavors on top of this, she barely saw the results she wanted. It was at this point that she decided to consult and enroll in our services!

Losing 4.9 lbs in a span of 3 months, Grace was able to lean up her midsection drastically as seen from the lines on both front and side profile! Her abs are clearly more defined as well as her traps! The best part here is that her overall physique looks healthier than her before photos despite a drop in her weight! She also feels stronger during her workouts and is more energetic all throughout!

If you’re fed up of trying to DIY your own fitness journey with minimal to zero results, then perhaps it’s high time for you to consult with the right professionals! Leaning up does NOT always mean a drastic change in weight!

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