Groom To Be Flattens Tummy Protrusion And Chest, Drops 28.5 Lbs In 4 Months Just In Time For The Prenup Shoot and Engagement!

Most people think that slamming every single healthy ingredient and calling it a healthy diet is as simple as that. Afterall, positive and another positive will still yield positive, correct? Well, yes and no. Yes, in the mathematical sense but no when it comes to dieting. Even if the ingredients are thought to be healthy, if the portion is wrong with respect to YOUR variables, then it’s still OVEREATING or UNDER eating and will not yield you results.

This was Ellison’s mindset prior to his subscription. Despite being disciplined and despite working out at home too, it didn’t yield him any results, a far cry from the before and after photos attached to this post. In just 4 months, despite numerous trips, Elli was able to follow through and drop 28.5 lbs during this period! Looking at his side profile, you can see the huge improvement in terms of his tummy protrusion! His front profile further validating his progress with a much-flattened chest and his midsection’s definition becoming more visible! The best part about this is that zero workouts were done during this period except for his occasional basketball games. Debunking the age-old myth that you absolutely MUST work out to lose weight.

Based on Elli’s results, you can see just how potent a properly computed nutrition plan can do for you. 90% of our clients don’t even workout, even those with abs. What makes this transformation story even more admirable is that Elli was encouraged to sign up by his Fiancée who also happened to be one of our past 2021 features (!

If you’re tired of trying to DIY your progress with minimal to no results, then it might be best to consult with the right professionals. For a NO BS, honest guidance with realistic results, please visit for more info!

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