Hans Sy

Hans Sy
21 Years Old, Confidential
Weight Change – 160 lbs to 138.4 lbs

When Hans first approached us regarding his fitness goals, we were surprised with the level of determination he possess. It was clear right then and there that this guy is determined to go all. Unfortunately, as we progressed along with his inquiries, it became apparent that he was fed with a ton of misinformation from his previous coaches. The methods used then, the rationale as well as his results were pretty much lackluster and self explanatory.

A few explanations here and there and we managed to convince Hans to drop the old mindset and start anew and the result of this are the very visuals which you guys are looking at. 21.6 lbs of weight loss, a tighter midsection together with a more chiseled jaw later and you can see the tremendous amount of improvement in his physique and the only difference now is the guidance he received. His determination never faltered it was simply a matter of guidance. Without proper guidance, you’re basically gambling away your effort not to mention the costs associated with it.

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