While we’re used to transforming clients with conditions which often causes bloating, Frances’ case is quite the opposite. She has absolutely no medical conditions whatsoever and her hormones and very much normal. Despite this though, she’s still having a hard time leaning herself up and is something that is quite common to a lot of others too! Reality is that different bodies react differently, some would progress faster, others would be slower than the rest but what’s important is that they progress regardless of the duration.

One look at Frances’ photos and you will be forgiven to think that the photos aren’t the same person! It doesn’t matter if it’s her front view or side view profile, her midsection is fully flattened! Her curves have been enhanced to give her that hour glass figure and all of this happened from a nutritional change alone! Absolutely ZERO workout was done to achieve this.

While we’re known for fast paced transformations, there are still some that will require their own timeline, such is the case for Frances and that is perfectly normal. What matters more than the duration would be the quality of the transformation which Frances’ clearly exhibits!

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