It’s no secret that work culture in Korea is a lot similar to the Japanese in the sense that overworking has become a norm. So much so, that Carl John Raful just decided to deviate for an entire week and shrug aside our nutrition plan. His morale then was low and he was determined to quit until we reminded him of his “WHY”. His very reason for signing up in the first place which is none other than improving on his unhealthy lifestyle.

A simple nudge from our weekly checkpoint proved critical as this was the turning point of his compliance for the better and from then on out, progress continued to roll in weekly!

Looking at his visuals, you can clearly see the improvements in his midsection with his abs close to surfacing! His arms are leaner and his overall energy and morale is at an all time high! The most surprising part? These improvements are the result of a nutritional change alone, no workout included!

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