Jason Brian Belen

Jason Brian Belen
37 Years Old, Confidential
Weight Change – 162.8 lbs to 151.8 lbs

When we hear the word “dadbod” the first thing that usually comes to mind would be a tummy pouch, beer on hand and some huge trousers with a belt keeping it together. But our team strongly believes this shouldn’t be the norm. Case in point? Jason Belen.

If you’ve ever wondered as to what one could achieve in a month’s time, be very surprised to know that Jason was able to cut out 11 lbs during this short span of time. While we do NOT promote focusing on the scale weight changes, we are quite happy with how things turned out for Jason. His front view shows how much his midsection has improved! The silhouette of his abs are mostly out, his tummy pouch is pretty much gone and his shoulder definition improved as well! His side profile shows how much he leaned up in terms of width! Overall, this is OUR definition of what a dadbod should look like. Strong, fit and healthy!

We’re very much aware of the challenges involved when one transitions into being a parent. But this difficulty should NEVER be used as an excuse to be unhealthy. We’ve worked with several dads over the past few years and their results have been astounding to say the least!

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