Keziah Salaguban

Keziah Salaguban
31 Years Old, Student
Weight Change – 136.4 lbs to 125 lbs

For years, Keziah was used to being the slimmest in her group, and all the while despite her move to Australia for her studies, she had held onto this as a fact until a fun shoot with friends suddenly reminded her that this isn’t so. The main kicker for Keziah was when her relatives congratulated her out of nowhere thinking that she was pregnant. It was at this moment that she was determined to shape up and the rest of the story can be summarized by her visual transformation shown below!

One look at her side profile and you can see the HUGE improvement in terms of her midsection thickness. Her back fat is nowhere to be found and the protrusion in her tummy has significantly decreased! Her front profile not only reinforces these changes but you can already see the improvements in her body’s curvature! 11.4 lbs of loss done in just slightly over a month WITHOUT any workout at all! You read that right! This is the result of a purely nutritional change and nothing more!

Now Keziah’s case is definitely stunning but we would like to remind everyone that 11.4 lbs in a month is THE minority as the average is around 1 lb a week. What would usually take months or even up to a year, we were able to achieve in slightly over a month. We do not promote fast tracking your progress as our bodies would need ample time to improve but Keziah’s case is a good example of what a properly computed nutrition plan coupled with good compliance can achieve! No Fads, No BS, No Supplements.

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