Kim Bryan Vibar

Kim Bryan Vibar
30 Years Old, Entrepreneur
Weight Change – 174.6 lbs to 162.6 lbs

Depending on who you ask, parenting can be the most beautiful gift or the reason most people use to justify as to why they’re currently unfit, and since our team is quite the family oriented type, we definitely think it’s more of the former! This week’s feature stories will be all about parents striving to become fitter and as early as now we want you to know that it’s way easier than you think.

Most people’s fitness issues(regardless if they’re a parent or not) can be categorized in these components : Medical, Scheduling, Motivation, Guidance and Execution.

Bryan’s case focused on only 4 out of the 5 as he didn’t have any medical issues to begin with. First would be his schedule, we had to deconstruct his day to day habits and from there we take note of areas for improvement. Next would be to understand WHY he’s actually doing this. People have a variety of reasons for trying to be healthy and it is important to know a person’s anchor for wanting to change as it allows our team to know how to properly motivate him moving forward. The last two would be the only challenging aspects of the journey as you need to be equipped with the proper guidance to be able to know HOW and WHAT to execute. Simply eating what is perceived as “healthy” foods aren’t enough for the most part as healthy ingredients aren’t really healthy without the proper portions and what is proper varies from person to person and this is where our expertise would come in.

In just a span of 2 months, Kim was able to get himself from Chunky to Hunky! His side profile shows a total obliteration of what was once a belly pouch! His front profile shows the extensive improvement in terms of tummy retraction, improvements on his obliques as well as a now visible silhouette of his midsection! The best part about this is that he was able to do such just NUTRITION alone!

Kim joins the tens and hundreds of other parental clients we’ve successfully transformed. For a NO BS, honest guidance with realistic results, please do visit https://thearchitect.ph for more info! We have over 300+ client transformation stories posted to date!

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