Kirk Baesa

Kirk Baesa(@kirkivanbaesa)
22 Years Old, Cosplayer
Weight Change – 117 lbs to 125 lbs

It took Kirk quite sometime to really dedicate himself to working out but when he finally did, he immediately contacted me for guidance. After assessing Kirk’s previous build, I recommended several changes to his nutrition as well as his workout and monitored his progress on a weekly basis. The outcome you see here is the result of Kirk’s dedication and commitment to his fitness routine. I believe that the images despite being able to clearly show his physique transformation, lacks the ability to show you what Kirk had to went through.

I took an unconventional route in dealing with Kirk’s goal as I had him shed off the excess fat first which is still within the 5-10% safety limit for fat loss per month prior to adding on lean mass. Kirk acknowledges the fact that his body is still a work in progress, and I do believe that I have equipped him with sufficient knowledge to carry on his fitness journey with or without my help in the future.

Most coaches would prefer that their clients be dependent on them as it is their livelihood. My services does not only guide but also teaches my clients to be self sufficient in their quest for fitness as this brand(The Architect PH) is mostly built on passion more than profit.


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