Klaire Calma

Klaire Calma
26 Years Old, Teacher
Weight Change – 167 lbs to 155 lbs

I don’t know if it’s pure coincidence or my previous clients had set the bar so high that the new ones are obsessed with making sure that they hit their goals in the shortest span of time possible. While I always tell them to use that dedication and momentum to their advantage, I still remind them that quality transformation takes time.

Klaire here is no different from the rest, she had days wherein she felt like she wasn’t progressing but it helped that we have a weekly checkpoint and little by little she saw her weight drop and that fueled her to actually ride the momentum and take control of the situation. The fruits of her labor are the photos you’re seeing now. She was able to lose 12 lbs in a month and take note this isn’t water weight. Just look at the difference in her waist both front and side view! If she can do this in a month, imagine what she can achieve in three?

Klaire, I believe in the saying that everything happens for a reason and this probably happened so that you will be able to inspire more people by the positive changes you’ve done to yourself not just physically but with your mindset too! I’m very much proud of your changes, keep it up!

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