Lance Lim

Lance Lim
27 Years Old, Entrepreneur
Weight Change – 176 lbs to 170.5 lbs

We’ve handled hundreds of clients month in and out and you would be forgiven for thinking that we’re used to seeing progress and transformations like the ones we share. Truth is while we do have a high success rate, every client is different and despite us being able to do this over hundreds of times, you just can’t get used to it as each client would require a different approach.

Lance here is a good example of how we modified our approach, considering that he’s used to just eating one or two meals in a day, we had to make sure that his adjustment to our plan and method is as seamless as possible. A month passed and 5.5 lbs lighter, Lance did not just lean up, but he was able to do so without the feeling of hunger nor lethargy. The opposite actually holds true, as his energy levels were stable despite the caloric deficit and he felt full most of the time to the point that his cravings are close to none.

Not everyone is trying to eat healthy to lose a huge chunk of weight, others do it for health improvements, and for some, it’s purely vanity. Regardless of their reasons, all of them are required to change their lifestyle may it be big or small and the guidance that goes with that change is critical to ensure their success. These transformation stories such as that of Lance’s are a testament as to the sustainability and the quality of the methods we use.

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