Maria Isabelle Warren
23 years Old, Property Management Services Associate
Weight Change – 101.2 lbs to 100 lbs

One look at the photo below and NO ONE in their right mind would believe that this transformation is just a 1.2 lbs reduction in weight. What’s even more special about this is that it all happened in 22 DAYS.

Isabelle’s body type is one of the more challenging ones to handle when it comes to female clients as everything has to be precise else you risk making her look skinny. There is a fine line between looking skinny and looking fit. This is a common dilemma in handling models as most of them do drastic methods in reducing their weight which DOES NOT necessarily translate into body fat percentage changes too.

When it comes to crafting plans for our clients, we always make sure that EVERYTHING is computed. Mathematics is an exact science, results ARE assured. The only question left would be “how compliant will our clients be?” as client compliance is the one variable we do not have control over. As such, Isabelle’s transformation screams quality which can ONLY be achieved by proper nutrition computation and workout periodization done with PRECISION, and most importantly, CLIENT COMPLIANCE.

We always emphasize on QUALITY in everything that we do. Isabelle’s transformation is proof of that. Don’t believe us? Do check out the other 150+ client transformation stories found on our website at We’re very proud of what we do. No BS, just honest guidance with realistic results.

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