Mark Casupanan

Mark Casupanan
24 Years Old, Financial Advisor
Weight Change – 179.3 lbs to 162.8 lbs

I’m sure a lot of you guys are familiar with financial advisors. Unless you’re a toddler, it would be impossible not to have encountered one selling you insurance. Just to enlighten everyone a bit more, the life of a financial advisor is quite decent for as long as they get to hit their targets. Free trips here and there, fancy team dinners and award nights. We are not surprised that a lot of our friends are getting into it as a sideline or as a full time job. This seemingly glamorous life still does have a downside as these fancy dinners and client meet ups would often result to an over indulgence of food which would then result to unhealthy weight gain and in worst cases, obesity.

We are a firm believer of people who can “walk the talk” and putting that into perspective, we appreciate all of our financial advisor clients who go through the extra mile not just to sell you insurance but also to make it a point to show that they actually value their health. Mark here is one of those clients, and as challenging as the past 6 months were in terms of dealing with his work schedule and the pandemic, he was able to see it through!

Despite only losing 16.5 lbs, you could see the HUGE change in terms of his side profile! His belly is gone and his back fat clearly leaned up. These improvements easily reduced his waist line by at least 2-3 inches! You could also pinpoint this out with the way his bloating subsided from his obliques/love handles! We always value the quality of the visual changes more than the quantity of the weight being shed as this level of transformation may only be achieved through precise nutritional computation.

So where does working out come into the picture? The answer is that it doesn’t come into it at all. This level of change was achieved WITHOUT any workout. It’s okay if you wish to be active, but it isn’t necessary to do so if you simply wish to lean up. The importance of working out in terms of weight loss and leaning up is a misconception falsely propagated through the years due to selfish interests and greed. We are not saying that working out won’t help, because it will. But the significance of how much that can contribute in terms of losing weight is over-exaggerated.

But hey, don’t take our word for it. You can instead visit our website and check out over 290+ client transformation stories posted to date. For a NO BS, honest guidance with realistic results, please do visit https://thearchitect.ph for more info!

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