23 Years Old, Confidential
Weight Change – 180 lbs to 169.7 lbs

Drastic transformations are quite easy to spot and in all honesty are the easiest to manage since there is a huge opportunity for improvement, but what of those who are already fit to begin with? Those who just needed the extra 1-2% body fat percentage drop?

Well, while these people’s problems isn’t as severe as the rest, the method and effort required to transform them is close to tenfold give or take, considering that the room for improvement is minimal at best. Take Miguel’s transformation for example, his before photos are already lean enough that his abs are out but looking at his 2nd month’s results, you can see that his abs are much more defined on top of his obliques shedding off that last bit of fat evident on his side profile too!

This type of transformation requires a different level of precision and a different approach altogether. Do it wrong and you’ll simply be shedding off the weight together with the hard earned muscle mass.

If you’re fed up in trying to DIY your own fitness journey with minimal results then perhaps it’s high time that you consult with the professionals.

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