Mishianne Chua

Mishianne Chua
28 Years Old, Entrepreneur
Weight Change – 125.5 lbs to 109.7 lbs

Weddings, while they are widely celebrated, the preparations needed to make this happen is no joke hence the stories of bridezillas are not to be shrugged aside. We know how tedious and stressful it can be and as such when we get clients who are soon-to-weds, we actually do whatever we can to help them be at their fittest during their special day.

Mishianne used to be an athlete way back during highschool and as such she has a nice base to begin with, though the problem with this is that her body isn’t really responsive to anything other than more advanced methods and as such we have to adapt to her circumstances!

4 months and 15.8 lbs later, Not only did we manage to break through Mishianne’s weight during her varsity days in highschool(110-111 lbs) but we did way more than that by making her at her leanest in terms of body fat percentage. While we don’t have the precise numbers for this, you can clearly see as to how defined her midsection is! Something even celebrities have a hard time achieving!

To say that the entire team is proud of Mishianne’s transformation is an understatement. It fills us with pride and joy that we have contributed positively to her upcoming big day!

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