Beyond the pain and physiological challenges of childbirth, what’s even more frustrating to a lot of post-partum mommies is that they find it a bit more challenging to lean up even if they used to be fit and healthy prior to their pregnancy. This often leads to desperation which is why a lot of them would resort to crash dieting methods to try and bring their weight down, only to suffer further from the downsides of it such as hormonal imbalance, hair-fall, intense hunger and worse, energy deprivation. As if being a mommy isn’t difficult enough especially with a hyperactive toddler!

This scenario is exactly what Leah experienced and is all too common to a lot of post-partum mommies we handled through the years. If you are experiencing something similar, be comforted with the fact that we were able to transform most of them without the sense of deprivation. Leah for example lost a total of 12.6 lbs in just a span of 3 months, but more than the scale weight changes, we’re proud to note that she’s several sizes smaller as we were able to fully flatten her baby pouch! All of this without a sense of deprivation and of course, enough energy for her to get through her day to day tasks and mommy duties! Believe it or not, this was all made possible from a properly crafted nutrition plan alone with ZERO workouts! Absolutely ZERO need for liposuction or tummy tuck surgeries!

If there’s a key takeaway that we can share to all of you mommies suffering from this same situation is that do NOT be hyper focused with weight movements. Weight loss doesn’t mean anything if done incorrectly as muscle loss too from crash dieting methods will present itself as weight loss but the difference would be that this will weaken your metabolism on top of your body sagging, making your baby pouch worse and your face looking sickly.

Do it fast by doing it right the first time. Unfortunately, we need to be fair to our bodies and give it ample time to transform. For a NO BS, honest guidance with realistic results, feel free to visit for more info! We have beyond 430+ clients transformed and featured to date and beyond 200+ more kept hidden due to privacy preferences!

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