Nathalie Julio

Nathalie Julio
20 Years Old, Student
Weight Change – 139.3 lbs to 135 lbs

Year after year, we get an influx of female clients signing up and what’s common about most of them is that the majority are suffering from PCOS. Nathalie here is another addition to that count.

We were initially able to hit within the 135-136 lbs on her first month, but due to her fluctuating compliance(which was more or less at around 70%), it took us 4 months to be able to safely stabilize at the 135 lbs range but despite this non-compliance, it is evident from her side profile that her overall tummy bloat has been greatly reduced to the point that the lines on her abs have started forming. We have also completely flattened her lower tummy as evident in her front profile! Imagine the potential of her transformation if only she stuck with the plan all throughout!

Nathalie, just like a lot of you readers, was initially focused in scale weight changes, something which we always correct especially given the hormonal imbalance brought about by PCOS. Instead, we remind her to continuously monitor her visuals instead. PCOS may be challenging to deal with, but not with the right guidance. Just like Nathalie, for as long as you get to implement the right protocols, this is a winnable battle.

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