Nicodemus Abadicio

Nicodemus Jr Ignacio Abadicio
25 Years Old, IT Professional
Weight Change – 156.2 lbs to 146.9 lbs

When The Architect PH first started, Our core competency is our ability to induce a safe but fast-paced approach in helping our clients reach their fitness goals regardless of what they are. We definitely haven’t forgotten our roots as shown here in this transformation post.

The difference in Nico’s face as well as tummy area is quite astounding considering that these all happened in a month’s time. Was Nico 100%? Nope. Was he at least 80%? I could more or less vouch for that. I always tell my clients that even if I give them the best plan in the world, if there will be no follow through from their end then it would only be that, a plan and nothing more. So what’s next for Nico? Well, we will continue to improve on his aesthetics while I slowly transition him into strength training. He can expect an improvement in his basketball performance soon enough.

Online coaching isn’t for everyone. But if you’re determined to improve and to hit your fitness goals then I would highly advise that you give it a try. Sure online coaches may not be there with you physically, but The Architect PH has developed a system that can work just as good, sometimes even better than ON-SITE coaches depending on the coach you’re comparing it to, all of this at a fraction of the cost. Again, I’ll let the transformation photos and reviews on the page speak for itself.

And yes, we are on a roll! 3 consecutive features in a WEEK?? More to come this October!

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