Nicole Tan

Nicole Tan
23 Years Old, FMCG Employee
Weight Change – 120 lbs to 114.6 lbs

Today is an important milestone for our entire team as we celebrate our 300th transformation story which was supposed to be our target transformation number by year end! In line with this very special feature, we’d like to put the spotlight on “fit shaming” which is an issue that is common in our society nowadays.

It is a common misconception that dieting is limited to people who are severely overweight but that couldn’t be further from the truth as slim people like Nicole would also have lower tummy problems and the common thinking is that the client must implement “weight loss” procedures to fix it and more often than not this would make the client either seemingly close to anorexic or will simply thin up elsewhere but retain the same bloating on the lower tummy area which can be frustrating. Let us be the first to tell you that this issue is actually an advanced problem and isn’t something you can solve by simply being “on a diet”.

The nutritional precision needed for the said issue is no cakewalk and this method is often referred to as body recomposition. Compared to someone who has 20-30 lbs of extra weight to lose, Nicole’s situation is tricky as she’s within her normal weight range and making her go lower has the risk of making her look anorexic and unhealthy, hence precision is key if we are to make noteworthy changes.

One look in her side profile would tell you all the reasons as to why she’s our 300th transformation feature! From what was a flap in her tummy, not only did we transform it in such a way that it flattened, but we leaned it up nicely to the point that her cuts and lines are all showing from her side profile! If you get to look at her front profile, you would notice that her bloating has clearly subsided in her midsection but more than that, notice how her arms and shoulder as well as face didn’t thin up further which would then make her look sickly if it did! This is what we meant by precision and is easily 10x more difficult than a typical weight loss journey. The icing on the cake here is the fact that Nicole requested that this be done without any workout and that is exactly what we did. She was able to achieve this in 2 months with ZERO workout.

As mentioned above, when people talk about dieting, it’s not just limited to people who are severely overweight. Slim women like Nicole would have these small issues which could only be resolved through precise nutritional computations. What’s sad about this is that women who are on the slimmer side like Nicole are often vilified for wanting to improve on their physiques further and this is what we call “fit-shaming”. We just want to make it clear that there is NOTHING wrong with wanting to better yourself and here at The Architect, we will hear you out and do what we can to make that a reality.

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