For the longest time, Jayson uses his profession, one that is considered as labor intensive, as justification for his binge eating habits. He seemingly convinced himself that overeating is almost a necessity to sustain his energy throughout the day and this has been his “reality” for quite sometime now. A false reality which we were able to debunk during this 2 month period.

What’s more interesting is that Jayson has not drank alcohol since 2019 and yet despite this, his belly in his before photos can very much compete with the beer bellies from heavy drinkers. Based from this alone, you can see the extent of the damage overeating can do to the body even without alcohol and it is only through a chance meeting at one of our fitness webinars for Zeefreaks Tribe(ZFT) that Jayson decided to join the program and he never looked back since.

Aside from the amazing 21.3 lbs he lost during this 2 month period, we were able to remove his bloating and lean up his midsection, all from nutrition alone! It’s a common misconception to rely on core/ab workouts to bring out your abs but in reality, it’s really the nutrition that does it. So why do most coaches/fitness influencers tell you otherwise? Simple, because they’ll go out of business.

The truth is, nutrition isn’t as “instagrammable”, “flashy/showy” as an intense workout. But when taken seriously and done right(No Fad, Crash dieting methods), the results can be well worth it. We’ll let Jayson’s transformation do the talking.

The funny thing is, every single enrollee that came from that fitness webinar(ZFT) are all transforming tremendously. The past few transformations are all part of this group too and this is probably the best batch we’ve had in a long time and if you think the transformation features will end at Jayson then you’re highly mistaken as we got a lot more people from ZFT slotted in the coming months!

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