Pao Yuloque

Pao Yuloque
26 Years Old, Confidential
Weight Change – 146.5 lbs to 128.5 lbs

Our clients are diversed from all walks of life but more importantly a huge chunk of them are actually veterans, having tried various other dieting methods before, making it a bit more challenging to tackle on due to the fact that they’re bombarded with misconceptions and myths!

Pao here is one of those veterans, having tried multiple dieting methods from 800 calorie dieting, military diet, keto as well as intermittent fasting all of which we openly talk against as these are nothing more than fad diets. While Pao has experienced some degree of success with these methods, it didn’t really prove to be something sustainable for her. She shared to us as to how she would easily regress after a day or two of non-compliance.

It was at this time that she decided she needed proper guidance and as such, sought for our help. The most challenging aspect with Pao’s journey is that more often than not, she has a trip abroad. During our 8 months of engagement, I could honestly say that for more than half of those months, she always finds herself abroad and while it’s more challenging to comply then, she still managed to keep a huge chunk of her progress intact!

That is the main difference when you get to do it right. Progress isn’t something that can be easily taken away. We don’t do fad diets, we don’t even have a name for our methods as it is nothing more than proper nutrition. One look at Pao’s transformation and you can clearly see the huge difference in her physique! 18 lbs in 8 months might not be a lot, but visually speaking, she definitely nailed it!

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