Patricia Abiog

Patricia Abiog
30 Years Old, Confidential
Weight Change – 106.7 lbs to 101.9 lbs

The holiday festivities just ended and the effect of all the binges and parties are taking shape little by little in front of the mirror. Patricia wasn’t spared from this and just a disclaimer, she actually started around a two weeks prior to January 3, but we decided to show this instead as this was her most bloated state due to the holiday celebrations.

Prepping for her wedding this coming May, every week is important as Pat races to be in her fittest come that special day, so just how huge of a change can 1 month induce? Well for Pat’s case, she lost 4.8 lbs and while these numbers might seem a bit low for the uninitiated, one must be reminded that this is quality weight loss and that her visuals could very much attest to this. Her midsection flattened which caused her abs to show! Her side profile shows us the HUGE discrepancy in terms of her bloating or the lack of it that is. Even her back fat is gone! All of this achieved in 2 weeks since the holidays!

We always remind our clients to be fair to their bodies. It probably took them months or even years of neglect to get to that point and it’s just right for them to give their bodies time to improve as well. 1 Month is already a short span of time but to achieve this in 2 weeks? That’s just beyond amazing.

So what’s the secret? It’s not IF, heck it’s definitely not KETO or any other fad diets you guys have probably heard of and tried. This is just us doing it right and by that it’s eating the right amount of food from the right sources at the right time. Simple but as you can see, the results can easily compete against those undergoing cosmetic procedures.

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