Patricia Adorada

Patricia Joyce R. Adorada
23 Years Old, University Research Associate
Weight Change – 128 lbs to 120.6 lbs

We still don’t understand as to why December is a much dreaded month by a lot of fitness enthusiast considering that the holidays would only span a few days at most. In fact, it’s quite hilarious that people are putting off their fitness programs for the ENTIRE month just because it’s “December”.

Well, we do it quite differently here in The Architect, and let Patricia’s transformation prove to you guys that it’s literally easy to get through the holidays while minimizing the damages of the holiday festivities. Not only did Pat managed to avoid such damages but she was able to transform herself in LESS than a month despite celebrating the holiday festivities just like any other person.

She dropped an entire size, losing 7.4 lbs, while reducing her overall thickness as clearly seen from her side view photo and reducing her bloating as seen from her front view photo. The transformation is very much visible too on her arms, her chest area especially being able to remove that flabby bit near her armpit. Most importantly, her energy levels are at an all time high and NOT ONCE did she starve in achieving such results.

If you’ve been wanting to ask as to how potent our plans our, then this transformation just single-handedly answered it for you. Every plan is personally crafted and computed with precision. We don’t do fad diets here nor bro-science, just a NO BS, honest guidance with realistic results. But hey, don’t take our word for it. Feel free to browse through over 200+ client transformation stories posted to date via our website at https://thearchitect.ph!

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