Patrick Cua

Patrick Stephen Cua
24 Years Old, Future Lawyer
Weight Change – 211.2 lbs to 199.4 lbs

If there’s another course i’d like to avoid aside from med, it would definitely be law. Unlike Pat, I’m bad at memorization and although I very much would like to have my own “Harvey Specter” kickass moments from time to time, I would most likely do so in terms of shooting down all these sell out coaches who promotes unproven, overpriced, baseless supplements from companies such as HERBALIFE, USANA and NUSKIN to name a few. I might not be able to lawyer my way in terms of the legalities of what the hell it is that they’re doing but I sure can shoot down their bullshit claims on their products. You can actually watch an entire documentary about this HERBALIFE scam entitled “Betting on Zero”. How the fuck can you guys sleep at night knowing you’re actually playing with people’s lives by selling them useless, overpriced and unsubstantiated, baseless supplements?

Patrick here is actually a model example of what you should strive for in terms of attitude towards your fitness goals. Most of the people who get scammed by these companies are after a “quick weight loss solution” hence are enticed by false promises made by numerous sales agents from these companies. Patrick here has been stuck in the 200+ mark for months now and instead of looking for a shortcut, he actually looked for fitness guidance. A practical approach if you would ask me since supplements are meant to SUPPORT and NOT replace your nutrition as a whole. Although he very much wanted to lose as much as possible in the shortest possible time, he’s very much aware of the limitations of such a goal. There’s only a specific weight you can lose in a month’s time that can still be considered as healthy and these would vary from person to person.

Focusing more on Patrick’s results, he merely lost 11.8 lbs in a span of 2 months but if you’re to look at the photos, it is very evident that the 11.8 lbs he lost is quality weight loss. Something which these “TOP NOTCH SUPPLEMENTS” won’t be able to give you as they are just a different means to crash diet.

So choose, do you want to be like Pat or do you want to be like the countless others who would lose 20-50 lbs and still look big and shortly rebound back to, if not more than, their starting weight? I’ll let my clients’ results speak for itself.

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