Paul Guevarra

Paul-Gino Buenaventura Guevarra
31 Years Old, Systems Manager
Weight Change – 180.4 lbs(DIFFERENT SCALE) to 180 lbs

Before anything else, I just want to clarify that a different scale was used to weigh Paul during his before and after photos due to the first scale being defective. It is unfortunate that we wouldn’t be able to figure out the total weight lost but I think the photo can speak for itself.

Paul is a dad of two. His most recent one was born around a month ago and juggling between work and taking care of a toddler is no easy feat. It becomes all the more difficult when you include a fitness routine into the mix and this is why Paul here is a good role model for aspiring dads. Most would just give up knowing they have a much larger responsibility on the other aspects of being a dad but somehow Paul was able to manage everything and execute things perfectly which is evident from his results.

I don’t buy into the whole, “I’m too busy to do this” excuse. We always find time to eat, to drink and to breathe, if only we could treat fitness as part of our daily essentials then time will definitely open up for it.

Paul, you’re doing a good thing by being fit. Keep inspiring the people around you, more importantly, stay awesome.

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