Paulo Macahilig Update Post

Paulo Macahilig former Anonymous Mayo
Confidential, Confidential
Weight Change – 118.6 lbs to 111.3 lbs

We’ve featured Paulo as Anonymous Mayo last June 2020, and if you think his changes then were amazing, then prepare for a treat as we show you a comparison of his changes, first is from his June feature until November and of course from his start month of May until November to fully appreciate the changes he’s gone through. It’s also important to point out that NOT ONCE was this guy deprived of food nor was hunger an issue at all!

In our 3+ years of operation, we’ve met a lot of determined clients and Pow easily supersedes a lot of them. His dedication to his goals is just on a whole different level. Monthly compliance is easily above 90% week in week out, some months are even close to a 95% full compliance! It is a no brainer that this guy is one of the top contenders for our end of year induction in our Ambassadors’ Club!

Most people in Pow’s shoes would have stopped with his progress back in June, but he persevered and the results you see are simply magazine feature worthy! If you think you’ve already done it, do know that you’re capable of doing so much more. Sky’s the limit when we talk about improvements. It’s all a matter of mindset and willpower in seeing it through!

We do hope Pow’s transformation would help inspire everyone who’s currently stuck in their fitness journey to hang on and never give up. If you feel like you’re in need of professional help, look no further.

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