If the only thing that captured your attention are the words “stay – lean – despite – cheats”, then as early as now I encourage you to read on as it’s not as simple as just adding cheat days and still progressing. We are known by our clients as one of the strictest there is as we do NOT have any cheat meals at all, let alone cheat days. Alyssa had to comply fully to the plan for the past 5 months and it was only on her 4th month that we integrated a cheat snack and even then, this is all controlled as we have guidelines for her cheats that she MUST follow.

While our program is quite strict, the primary goal of our nutrition program aside from health improvements would be to eventually reintegrate whatever it is that the client is used to eating in such a way that we get to mix and match the bad choices with the good ones that their results will still be healthy. But before we get to that point, we need to ensure that the client’s body is properly primed to take on these “bad options” and as such, minimize the damage to their progress. As to how long it would take for us to integrate cheats will depend on how the client’s body is adjusting and how they’re progressing overall.

For Alyssa’s case, while PCOS may have made it difficult for her to lean up, we ensured that through proper nutrition, she was properly nourished hence her energy levels are kept high while hunger being kept to a minimum more importantly, her visuals properly leaned up too, she lost about a size as clearly seen from both her front and side profile. While Alyssa tried several other programs and fad diets alike, it was only through our program that she was able to achieve this level of progress. The best part is that her program now has fully adjusted according to her lifestyle which makes it easy for her to sustain in the long run. All of this was made possible through proper nutritional computations alone. Not a single workout was done to achieve this level of progress.

September is designated as the PCOS Awareness Month and this particular condition need no further introduction. It’s widely known as one of the more difficult conditions to deal with as it causes hormonal imbalance and through that, unintended weight bloating. We’re doing a little bit more than just awareness by actually transforming women suffering from this condition for years. PCOS is difficult to deal with yes, but it’s not impossible to live with especially when done right.

If you’re one of those suffering from PCOS and have barely made any progress at all, then perhaps it’s time for you to reach out to the right professionals. For a NO BS, honest guidance with realistic results, please do visit https://thearchitect.ph for more info! We have beyond 410+ client transformation stories posted to date!

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