1 Decade. It has been this long since Jermaine started battling the effects of PCOS. She’s always been conscious of what she eats and never in excess but no matter what she does(She’s tried A LOT of dieting methods before), nothing seemed to work and her weight continuously shot up despite her efforts. Visual changes are one thing but the drop in her energy energy and endurance did not make the experience any easier to cope with. Add the fact that she’s about to get married next year and it was the tipping point that made her decide to sign up with us!

In just a span of 3 months, Jermaine was able to flatten her midsection, get rid of her love handles and showcase her abs! Her back fat is definitely gone, her arms are leaner and her collarbones are showing yet again! All of this from a change in nutrition alone. What she failed and struggled to accomplish in 10 years, she was able to achieve in just these 3 months. All she did was a shift to proper nutrition alone. No workouts, no supplements, no drugs and of course, no surgeries! Her energy levels too are more than enough for her to carry on her day to day! This is how potent nutrition is when done right!

PCOS is no joke, but with the right approach it shouldn’t be a chore to deal with. You don’t have to suffer for 10 years before you seek help. If you’re in the same situation and are fed up trying to DIY your way with minimal to zero results, then perhaps it might be best for you to reach out to the right professionals. Not only will we save you time but resources as well!

For a NO BS, honest guidance with realistic results, please do visit https://thearchitect.ph for more info!

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