RM Valdon

RM Valdon
28 Years Old, Confidential
Weight Change – 149.6 lbs to 129.8 lbs

Just like a lot of our clients back when they were starting out, RM thought that by simply reducing his nutritional intake, it would be possible for him to shed off all the unwanted weight and improve on his overall visuals. Months of trying and struggling barely gave him any sort of concrete results and as such he decided to seek our help.

What was interesting about this was RM didn’t expect he’ll be eating more than what he’s used to and yet despite this he lost a significant amount of weight , a total of 19.8 lbs, in a span of 3 months and more importantly, his overall visuals improved significantly as clearly shown from his front and side profile! The best part is that RM barely felt hungry and that this was all primarily caused by a change in his nutrition alone!

If you’re struggling to DIY your own fitness journey, then perhaps it’s high time for you to seek the right professionals.

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