Roxanne Bartolome

Roxanne Bartolome
29 Years Old, CPA Accountant
Weight Change – 133.8 lbs to 125 lbs

Since the start of the lockdown, we’ve had a lot of new clients come in and most of them including Roxanne had the wrong mindset of focusing on their workouts in order for them to achieve their fitness goals. Recently a lot of our international clients have been kicking it up a notch and Roxanne here represents Team Architect UK!

To briefly share Roxanne’s experience prior to her enrollment, she used to do home workouts everyday and not only did this drain her up but her body would always be sore. What’s worse is that her effort didn’t translate into visual changes, not one bit. Luckily, her brother is one of our previous transformation features, who then introduced us to her. The outcome of that introduction is the very photos you guys are looking at right now.

Coming from a 30 inches waistline, you could clearly see as to how much Roxanne’s bloating was reduced as clearly seen in her side profile photo! 3 inches and 8.8 lbs was how much she managed to shed off in a span of 2 months bringing her waistline down to 27 INCHES! The best part about this is that she wasn’t required to workout at all, though she did at 2-3x per week. The biggest change that truly made an impact in her visuals would be her nutrition. Energy levels are kept high all throughout, her mood brightened and she wasn’t starved at all! On the contrary, she felt full all the time and despite this, she still managed to lean up nicely from her midsection to her arms, back and even her neck and face!

When it comes to these transformations, precision is important. It’s not just about eating healthy ingredients as doing so but with unhealthy portions will still yield unfavorable results. The secret here would come from precision! Unlike generic meal plans which are full of guesswork, our plans are customized, individually per client depending on their needs!

If you’re tired of trying to “guesswork” your way into being fit, then look no further. For a NO BS, honest guidance with realistic results, please do visit https://thearchitect.ph for more info! We have over 290+ client transformation stories to date!

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