Shel Aficial

Shel Aficial
31 Years Old, Confidential
Weight Change – 132 lbs to 116.6 lbs

It’s not the first time we’ve heard of mommies complaining as to why other post-partum moms would get their pre-pregnancy body back, faster than most people and Shel is one of those from the opposite end of that spectrum. She struggled with getting back in shape after giving birth and this is an issue we’ve seen and tackled time immemorial!

What most people would achieve in years, we managed to achieve in a little over 3 months! You can see the huge difference in terms of the tummy bloat on her front view photo and this is reinforced by her side profile too! The best part is that this is PURELY a change in her nutrition alone. No workouts whatsoever and hunger was NEVER an issue. On the contrary, Shel felt full most of the time!

We’ve worked with hundreds of mommies throughout the years with great succes and we’re happy for Shel to be a part of that list!

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