Sofia Mendoza

Sofia Mendoza
15 Years Old, Student
Weight Change – 162.7 lbs to 142.1 lbs

Our team has a lot of success stories this year but one transformation that stood out would definitely be that of Sofia’s! She is our youngest client by far and to be able to see such a huge positive change from her end is definitely an accomplishment for us!

First we’d like to clarify a few misconceptions when it comes to the term “dieting”. We’ve been misled by fad diets left and right all throughout the years that our general concept for “dieting” would always equate to “deprivation” which is just plain wrong. Dieting may both mean an increase or decrease of calories depending on a person’s goal! With that said, a better definition of dieting or being on a diet, simply means eating healthy relative to one’s needs and goals!

Sofia lost a healthy 20.6 lbs in a span of 4 months! From her side profile, you can see a clear reduction not just in terms her belly’s thickness and bloating but also the reduction of her back fat with her back “flap” noticeably gone! Looking at her front profile, you can see how her curves are now more evident and her midsection bloat clearly controlled! The best part about this is that her energy levels are amplified and hunger is absent! What’s interesting about Sofia’s journey is that this is still an on-going process and she continues to progress week in, week out as per our last checkpoint!

We’ve seen parents who let their kids go on an eating spree which then would eventually backfire as the weight once accumulated would be too much to manage. We’re not even surprised that a 10th of Filipino Adolescents are overweight! Just like us adults, these adolescent kids are social beings too and this may pose as a problem for them eventually in the form of health issues as well as a decline in self confidence.

If you have a kid who is overweight or underweight, you don’t necessarily have to “force” them to be on a diet. It can start with a simple switch to healthier choices and a reduction on the junk options and once they get the hang of it, eventually transition to a notch higher!

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